Tuesday, July 1, 2014

KC Surrogate Snowtacular Meet-up 2014!

Another year, another get together!  This one I labeled "KC Surrogate Snowtacular Meet-up 2014!"  As the title suggests. It snowed. A lot. Some people couldn't make it and a few husbands joined in as their original plan of "drop off" turned into "not going anywhere" but we found they could hang with the best of them. Which should be obvious since they are husbands of surrogates. They've seen it all.

Snow you say? You may be wondering why this post is coming to you in July. Because I say so. And I'm feeling bloggy.

Since we last spoke, I was matched with a lovely single man who wanted a baby. And he wanted it right now. That ended up clashing when he wanted to veto my OB choice for being "too vbac friendly". But, all ended well and I happily was able to sever ties to that particular agency. Agency owner was nice, but I get the feeling she was buried in a mountain of work and desperately needed help. At that point where you have to pay the price of success by hiring more staff. I was half way through the process of signing up with a new agency when my mothers cancer became terminal. At that time, I stepped away from surrogacy, as the responsible thing to do was focus on my family.

I'm finally at the point where I'm becoming active again and looking at all the possibilities.  Never sure what's around the corner.  I'll leave you with a picture of the gang from February. We have since pledged to move our get together to the summer time.


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