Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bills bills bills

Still having issues getting some of my surrogacy bills taken care of ~over exaggerated sigh~.  As soon as that's all squared away, I'd like to start looking into matching with new IP's.  I'd love to start now but know I won't be able to obtain my records to show any possible matches so I'm biding my time doing a whole lot of nothing!  Well, busily doing nothing, but nothing on the surrogacy front.  Still bloggity blogging and doing my group owner thing over at the Bargain Hunters Board on BabyCenter.

Christmas came and went with no card from the IP's :-/  Kind of hoping they were too busy to send them out this year (as I received one last year) and not that it was an intentional snub. SO also started a new job in this new year.  Exciting as he'll no longer have to travel! What's unexciting is since he no longer will be traveling up to 50% of the year (and no longer being able to carpool to work every other week), I need to look into getting myself a car. Boo! I actually liked being a one car family, as strange as that sounds. One thing to worry about at a time is my motto (see only child in my profile).

Do my readers like being able to follow their favorites on Facebook and Twitter?  My Twitter is100% public but my Facebook has been private since the dawn of time. I (stupidly) assigned it my usual Roxy moniker years ago, and now that I have it associated with my blog and youtube channels, am trying to decide if I want to make it public, or just start a "True Life: I'm a Stork" Facebook and keep my Roxy Facebook private. Thoughts thoughts, decisions decisions! I know I love being able to follow and interact with fellow surrogates and those involved in the surrogacy community online so I'm always interested in what the best way to communicate with everyone is!

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