Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Surrogate OCD

Stop looking at those surrogate classified ads woman!  You have no business looking at those right now.  There.  I just thought saying it (well, typing it) would help reinforce it in my mind!  It's a compulsion, I swear.  I even looked at them sometimes while pregnant.  It's usually a pretty even 2:1 ratio of surrogates to IP's.  Way more in need of a surrogate than the other way around.  Have I mentioned my agency has already contacted me about another journey as well?  I told them that we still need to wrap up surrogacy number 1 before thinking of a second (A few unpaid hospital bills still floating around, etc..).

Other than my marathon postpartum bleed (10 weeks with only a sporadic week of non bleeding), things are good.  Totally done with the perinatologists office and Lord help me, if I never have to step foot in that place again, I'll be one happy woman!  My gynecologist was very happy to see me though. Gave me a good once over, beamed looking at my delivery record and sent me on my way with some birth control pills (for the bleeding).  Dang! I was kind of hoping to be done with hormones for a while.  But then I dug out, and threw away some of my old progesterone in oil needles and decided the bcp's weren't so bad ;-)


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you'd be willing to share who your agency is. I was going to email you but didn't see an address listed. It seems like you had a very good experience and we are looking into agencies now (as IPs) and I'd love to get a personal recommendation. I don't know if there's a way to get into touch with you outside of the comments, I didn't feel comfortable posting my email address here!

Roxy3giraffe said...

You can email me any time! My address is my screen name ( roxy3giraffe ) and it's at gmail.